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How to Get Paid to Travel the World


A lot of people are seeking methods to get paid to travel, if our inbox is any indicator, and we believed that we had share suggestions and several resources with you on the best way to make your vision a reality.

There are also two really great references to beginning a travel site. We used Nomadic Matt’s the Best Way To Earn Money with Your Journey Site it helped us hugely and when we first began blogging. For all those of you just starting out, this really is a great resource. He’s got an excellent publication, the Best Way To Begin a Travel Blog in A Single Day in case you would like to begin a travel website. Matt offers bundles for those just beginning to those needing one on one training.

Cut Your Expenses in Half


When you are developing your site as well as your brand, you’ll either have to maintain your present job for some time, or you might want to begin traveling when you have a bit of savings. Before taking off for great we worked for a year on our website and we’d about $20,000 in the bank., after we did We needed to live for some time so we travelled to Asia where the farthest could stretch. South America and Central are other excellent choices for saving money while traveling. We believe it is essential for a journey blogger to get expertise so the earlier you are able to manage to get on the road and share pictures, your stories as well as videos, the better.

By cutting our expenses to virtually nothing, we saved our money. We did not have auto payments, we had zero debt, and sold our house.

So while we worked full time for a whole year (while constructing our journey site at night) we could put away lots of funds for traveling.

Read some of our posts and guests post on budget traveling below in the event you are feeling overwhelmed by cash. The best way to Remain Around the World for Free – Believe you do not have the means to travel? Be inspired by Thailand blogger, Petz who demonstrates that even with small budget, you can travel around the world.

Where to Stay for Free Around the World

Plus you are able to buy the ebook of Pete and Dalene Heck the Best Way To Be a House Sitter and See the World. It gives all the secrets behind their house-sitting success. They have had 14 occupations in 9 states, and saved over $50,000 in the price of lodgings as a result.