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Exotic Holiday Options In Myanmar

Holiday Options In Myanmar

One of the best places to visit in South East Asia is Myanmar. Probably, people think of Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore when South East Asia comes to their mind. There is no doubt that these places are awesome to visit, but there are other less highlighted areas as well. For instance, Myanmar is one place that is missed by many people. If you are visiting South East Asia, Myanmar is a must place to stop by. Hong Kong and Singapore are cosmopolitan countries. You will find every American and European latest facilities over here. You will never feel that you are away from your home.
For a different experience, if you want to enjoy the strangeness and adventure of a new place, you must visit Myanmar. It is an exotic destination in South East Asia with fun field options. Mandalay is the cultural heart of Myanmar. Initially, when you land in the capital, Yangon, you will feel it to be the same. Once you visit Mandalay, you will realize what the beauty of this wonderful place is. Mandalay will give you that feel of why you had not visited it before. Mandalay is also known as the pre-colonial capital of Myanmar. The streets and buildings of Myanmar have the feel of British era.
Myanmar Tours packages by Backyard Travel will help you go through the Historical and exotic mystique of Bagan. The city of Bagan and the plain of Bagan are very beautiful. It is like any imagination that a person has of the most beautiful place. Burma’s past glory is quite evident in Bagan. Myanmar is totally worth the visit when you are in South East Asia. Many places in Myanmar are like living museums. You will not be able to take your eyes off from the scenic treasure this place has got in its lap.