Monthly Archive: July 2016

A Review Of The Wave House

IMG_0128_thumb_convertedThe wave house is a very well made and beautifully designed house located near the Playa Negra Beach. The house is among the better quality Costa Rica Homes that you will find. It is a comfortable and spacious house which will allow you and the members of your family to live well. The proximity of the house to surfing shores and beaches makes the wave house very well suited to be used as a vacation home. You do not have to be a surfer to have fun on the shores and beaches. If you buy and move into the wave house then you will find plenty of fun things to do at the nearby beach.

It is very well suited even to large families because it has two of everything right from kitchens to living areas. The wave house has been designed in such a way that it can be used as two separate houses. Hence, you can use a part of the house as your home and the other part as your place of work. In fact, there are plenty of other such combos that you can think, create and apply. The versatility of choices and options that the wave house offers is one of the many things that make the wave house a very special piece of real estate to own.

It is a classy and pretty house that can have multiple benefits to you if you are to buy and move into it. The wave house has been made very recently. In fact, the construction of the wave house was finished in the year 2009. Hence, the interior d├ęcor, as well as the floor and building plan, are all ultra modern. The designing of the wave house is standard and is competent even to the standard of the USA. The back yard of the wave house has a brilliant looking swimming pool which can be used by you if you want to skip going to the beach for a day.

What else can you ask for in any home or vacation home? It is fully modernized and has all the latest housing amenities that one may need or ask for. It is very near to a Costa Rican beach where you can have plenty of fun and adventure. The nearest shores are ideal for surfing. The shores are well suited to all types of surfers irrespective of whether they are beginners or experienced or professionals. If surfing is not something that you enjoy too much then you do not have to be disappointed. There will be plenty of other fun things for you to do.

The tropical weather with a shining sun and clear skies is the most common view that you have from the wave house. Is it not all that you may practically ask for? The cherry on the pie in the overall scheme of things is that the wave house is available for sale at a heavy discount. Hence, this is the best time to buy it.